WordPress 101: Getting Started with WordPress

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Getting Started on your 1st or even 100th website can be a daunting task, but building a website with WordPress makes it 100 times easier.  Why?  Simply put, you can do almost anything with WordPress.  There are almost no limitations with it when it comes to building your website.  

Plus, now 90% of all WordPress Themes are Mobile Responsive.  This means they can work in any browser and device (phones & tablets).  This is a critical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) element now required by Google.  

If you want to Rank in Google, you can hardly do better than WordPress.  Wordpress is more SEO Friendly and will help you rank your business faster then any other platform online.

There are literally thousands of plugins and themes you can use to customize and build the exact website you want, with the exact functionality you want with WordPress.

With the WordPress 101 Course below, you will learn how to Install, Build, and Manage a WordPress website fast.

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WordPress 101

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Introduction:  What is WordPress?

How to Install WordPress

Lesson 1:  The WordPress Dashboard

Lesson 2:  Posts vs. Pages

Lesson 3:  Using the Post Editor

Lesson 4:  Creating a New Post

Lesson 5:  Learning Post Formats

Lesson 6:  Editing an Existing Post

Lesson 7:  Using Categories and Tags

Lesson 8:  Creating and Editing Pages

Lesson 9:  Adding Photos and Images

Lesson 10:  How to Embed Video

Lesson 11:  Using the Media Library

Lesson 12:  Managing Comments

Lesson 13:  Creating Links

Lesson 14:  Changing the Theme

Lesson 15:  Adding Widgets

Lesson 16:  Custom Navigation Menus

Lesson 17:  Installing Plugins

Lesson 18:  Adding and Managing Users

Lesson 19:  Helpful Tools

Lesson 20:  Settings and Configuration

Helpful Resources:

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