The Guide to Business Success: Start Here

What is Business Success?

The success or failure of any business venture, regardless of what type or what system is used, begins and ends with YOU.  In most cases, you are starting your business by yourself.  No one to tell you what to do, when to work or how hard you should work.  It can be one of the most gratifying ventures of your entire life.  It can also be one of the most stressful.

This is why with any business endeavor you embark on you must have passion for it.  You don't have to be the world foremost authority or expert, but you do have to have the ability to make it happen and an internal motivation for your business which will carry you through the good times and the bad.  You won't work hard on your business if you don't have a true passion for it.  That is why it is important to make sure you follow the guidelines set here before Getting Started.​

Start Here

Establish a Plan:  Purpose and Direction

Success can turn into failure quickly if you do not plan effectively right from the beginning.  Floundering around, trying to create multiple businesses at once, changing direction on what you want to do over and over...this all can keep you from succeeding before you ever even get started​.

This is why you need a solid plan of action.  By establishing a plan, even if it is just a series of simple goals at first, you will be able to maintain focus.  If you do not focus on your business and follow a very defined series of business building ​steps, you are destined to never get anywhere.  By following your plan and completing each Step (each Goal) you have established for yourself; you can double your chances of success right from the outset.

Ultimately, you need to establish a Plan of Action which focuses on achieving your Primary Business Objective (PBO)​.  More time than not this objective is achieving sales.  When you create a plan built around how to maximize your PBO you give your business the focus it requires right from the beginning and this is the crucial part of getting started with your business.

What is Your Business?​

Your business is NOT your website.  Read that again.  

Anyone can create a website and blog about themselves every day.  They can add affiliate links to this website, write reviews, and recommend products.  They can even make money from this.  

That is not a business.

Can you build a business from this type of model?  Yes, definitely.  But this type of model lacks focus and is haphazard.  It relies on too many outside factors to be successful  Plus, it is not sustainable because it lacks focus.  Just having a website is not having a business.  Having a business requires a lot more.

Understanding exactly what your Business is and what your Business Model is​, can make or break the entire process.

Define Your Business​

Identify exactly what you want your business to be about.  Identify its focus and exactly what the ultimate goal is for the business (starting with the PBO).  The niche, the product, the service you want to sell.  Ultimately, no matter what your focus is, the final objective is for generating sales.  It doesn't matter if the sales are on your site or someone else's.  Regardless.  This needs to be defined from Day 1​, right now.

Your Core Product

If you have a hard time defining what your business is, potential customers will have even a harder time.  Once a business is well defined, everything else really starts to fall into place.​  The next thing you need to define is your Core Product.  This Core Product should be the sales focus of your Primary Business Objective,.  Your Core Product doesn't have to be just one thing.  It can be multiple products with a singular focus, multiple services, etc.

The Key is your Business and your Core Product(s) must have focus and it must be defined.

Focus & Targeting Equals Success​

In order to create a successful online business you need to ensure your business is focused and targeted.

The more highly focused your business is, the higher the chances of success are.  It doesn't matter if you are building a business focused on affiliate marketing, your own digital products, services, physical products, or even a locally based business bringing your wares to the web.  A tightly focused business is more likely to succeed than a business which tries to be too big before it ever even gets started.

Why?  It is easier to market a single idea, product, or service than it is to market 100.​

Besides...if YOU aren't sure what your focus is, imagine how hard it will be for your potential Customers.​

Having focus also enables targeting.  If you have a highly focused business then more then likely you will also have a very focused and highly identifiable target market and highly targetable customers.  This makes your marketing easier and it also makes your business highly brand-able.

Defining Your Market & Demand

Once you have identified the business you want to create, it is crucial that your business has demand.  Do people want it?  Do people need it?  If yes, how much?  Is it a small, medium, or large market?  If there is little to no demand, then chances are you will not succeed.  Demand creates traffic, leads, and sales and ultimately this is what every business requires for success.  

Most businesses on the web go into business without ever knowing their target market or if there is any demand for their niche product or service.  This is a recipe for disaster.  Just because you THINK its good idea, doesn't mean it is.  Hoping something will work is not considered a solid business idea.  

Understand your Market and the Demand for whatever you want to bring to that market​ and if it meets the criteria you set for yourself, then your chances of success increase by 200%.

Establish Your Brand

When your business is easily relatable to a specific niche or target and has identifiable focus, you also allow yourself to be more likely to be able to create a memorable Brand around it.  Branding creates name recognition.  W​hen people recognize your Brand (Business Name) and relate it to your business, this will bring you more business then you would have otherwise.  When you try to be everything to everyone this tends to be a lot harder.

A Unique Selling Proposition: Selling YOU!

This is why you also need a USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  When you establish your business it is always important to set yourself apart from the competition.  Even if your business is identical to other businesses.  When you make your business stand out, you also create interest, leads, and sales you might not have otherwise.​  When your business is instantly recognized by just its name or your name, you have created Brand recognition.  A big part of that is having a effective and powerful USP.

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