Want the a-z blueprint that will take your from blog to profit in just 8 weeks?

Learn to Create More than Just "Another Blog" Without the Crippling Overwhelm or the Need to Ask Yourself "What Do I Do Next?"


If you are an Entrepreneur looking to make money online Blogging and are having a hard time "figuring" this blogging thing out, then you are probably not using the systems you need to create long term monthly profits.

There are 5 Critical Elements Required for Long Term Profits...

It is impossible to create a long term profitable business with a Blog without the right systems in place.

Just "starting a blog" and posting great content isn't enough.

If it was a lot more people would be killing it online.

A lot of people can write, but very few know how to turn their Blogs into a full time business.

With over 2 Million Blog Posts published each and every day, there are only a select few who stand out.

How do they do it?

There is a way to ensure every single Blog Post you create makes you money and gets Subscribers.

All on Autopilot.

How?  Systems...Automation, Funnels...

The 5 Critical Elements

1.  Niche and Market Optimization
2.  Site Optimization
3.  Content and SEO Optimization
4.  Subscriber Optimization
5.  Sales Funnel Optimization

What's even more important?

Putting all of this together into one single system.

We call this...

Blog Optimization

Here's What You

Might Not Know...

Businesses with Automated Systems and Sales Funnels Profit More than those which don't.

Sounds like common sense right?  But for most Bloggers starting out, they don't understand how to create systems inside their blog that will put their profits on autopilot

Most Blogs are not Optimized enough to generate the Traffic needed to succeed.

Optimized?  Yes, Optimized.  This means that every process has an inn built process which has been maximized to ensure it works at an optimal level.  in our case this means our Blogs, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content, and Sales.

In order to maximize profits with a blog, you need a specific type of content.

You can create 1000 different blog posts, but if you don't create the "right kind' of content, your chances of making any money from it is almost zero.  Are you having this problem right now?  Create audience targeted "topical" content and you will see your profits explode.

How to Create Consistent Long Term Profits

You hear people talking online about creating Long Term Passive Profits all the time, but its not easy if you don't understand what it takes to make it work.  Long Term Profits aren't possible with one off Affiliate Promotions or single blog posts.  Long Term Profits are built and sustained through Profit Funnels.  Funnels built to go from your Blog posts, through Subscribers, to the sale and back around again and again.  

Anyone can sell to a person once, but by creating an Audience with your own Authority you can sell to your Subscribers over and over.

Targeted Content, plus new targeted subscribers coming to your blog every single day, equals long term passive profits!!!

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building 6 Blog Based Businesses and over 400 Profitable Blogs (with over 60,000 enrolled students and $2.4 Million Dollars earned), and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step Blog Business implementation program that not only teaches you the high level theory, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same.


Blog Optimized Logo

The Complete A-Z Solution that will take You from Beginner to Optimized Blog Based Business Owner in the next 60 Days!

Blog Optimized isn't just another Training Program, it's a complete Implementation Program.

Yes, you’ll learn the strategies behind everything you do, but more importantly, you’ll have a meticulous, step-by-step, project plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it. 

The end result: More than Just a Blog.  You will Have a 6 or 7-figure long-term ASSET ready to be deployed and profited from for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.


is the first Program of its kind that...

Is Built with Instant Implementation In Mind

No filler.  No B.S.  Just actionable Steps and Tasks focused on getting the most out of each and every Lesson and Module!  When you finish the course you will have everything you need to do already done.

Teaches You How to Go From A-Z with Your Blog Based Business

Anyone can "Start a Blog".  Its how you finish that counts.  With Blog Optimized, You learn how to do more than blog, you learn how to implement systems and "Profit Funnels" which will take you from Blogger to a Full-Time Business Owner.

Focuses on the Details that Make You Money

With Blog Optimized you will get deep into the Tech that turns small business owners into "Guru's".  No worries though.  We make it easy with detailed over the shoulder training that will make you a Guru too!

Blog Optimized Desktop and Mobile

This Is How We Do It

8 Weeks that will take You from Blogger to Business

*Plus a Bonus 9th Week we throw in to show you how to put everything together and scale your profits!

(*A $997 Value)

Learn how to find a highly targeted niche using niche research when creating a blog. Choosing the right niche can make or break the success of your wordpress website.

Week 1 - Your Niche and Market Fit

We make sure you are setup for success right from the beginning. Pick a profitable Niche with a Market built for making money and an audience willing to buy!

Designing Images

Week 2 - Blog Setup and Initial Optimization

We don't waste any time.  Here we setup your domain, hosting, and we are starting to Optimize everything. SEO, Speed, Plugins, and More!

Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Week 3 - Site Design and Social Media

By the end of Week 3 Your site theme is designed and you are optimizing for Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Pinterest!

List Building

Week 4 - Email Marketing and Your First 1000 Leads

Has getting Subscribers been a challenge? Not anymore.  In Week 4 we get everything moving, integrated, and lead ready!

PBN Blueprint

Week 5 - Content Planning and Optimizing

Learn how to turn every post you create into PROFIT!  Never worry about what content you need to post on your blog every again!

SEO Marketing

Week 6 - Content Maximization and SEO

Turn Your Content into traffic magnets for both Google and Social Media. Optimize everything you create!

Profit Funnels

Week 7 - Affiliate Profit Funnels

Put your Affiliate Profits on autopilot with the complete system and funnels which will put everything you do on cruise control!

Week 8 - Product Profit Funnels

From Content to Subscriber. From Subscriber to Product Sale and Beyond.  We have the system, you get the profits! Now its time to complete the cycle.

*Bonus Module - Week 9 - Scaling Profits and Putting Everything Together

You'll also Get:

Cheatsheets and Checklists for Every Module, Action Items for each Week to make sure you complete all required Tasks for Success, and tons of Bonus Lessons and Bonus Content to make sure everything is covered 100%!

Hi, I'm Mike Johnson!

I built my first website in 1998 and my first blog in 2003.  Since then I have created over 400 blogs and 6 Blog-based businesses.  Over the last 10 years, my Partners and I have created over 40 Plugins and Themes.  I'm not just a blogging and business Expert, I'm a Wordpress Expert. With over 60,000 members in my programs and over $2.4 Million in profits, I have the expertise to take you from Beginner to Expert in the next 60 days.

Are you ready?

"I am also a proud parent of 2 sons and have been married to my beautiful wife Tonya for over 20 years."

Mike Johnson

Me and my youngest son Tre!

​With Blog Optimized You'll Get

Unlimited Access for the Life of the Program.  Unlimited Support and Lifetime Updates!

Worksheets, Bonus Lessons, Checklists, Cheatsheets, and More!  Everything you need to succeed!

The Complete 9 Week Blog Optimized Workshop Drip fed to you week by week for optimal learning and success!


What People Are Saying...


Dee was starting out and looking for a complete A-Z solution.  She found it with Blog Optimized!

"Blog Optimized will rock your world!! If you are just starting your journey into building a quality and professional online presence, then this course is a must have and worth every cent!! Honestly, Blog Optimized completely fills every single gap to build a brand and business that over time could earn a nice income. I have always said I don't know what I don't know. Blog Optimized provided me with all the answers to questions I didn't know I needed to ask and processes that I had yet to learn or understand how to connect all the pieces. As a newbie, a few of the modules that impacted me the most covered topics, in great detail, SEO, Landing Pages, Email list building and connectivity, Funnels, Affiliates, and Analytics. Mike didn't ask for this testimonial. I am one who recognizes quality, accurate, and professional work and am happy to share my experience. There are so many junk courses available online that really don't teach you what you need to know to work the systems, connect the systems, or open your eyes to the processes necessary to be successful today. Blog Optimized is legit - no fluff and all stuff. So much stuff! If you are serious about creating a legit foothold in your niche, then this is the program for you."

Dee Medlin (Blog Optimized Beta Tester and Current Member)


Taking Experienced Students Beyond their Expectations...

"Amazing and very detailed training, To be used for internet marketing, but even better for real businesses having good products to sell online or offline.  The email marketing training section is far above what I have seen anywhere else. (the remaining of the course too.)"

Stef Grandgi (Beta Tester and Current Member)


What Just One Week of Blog Optimized Can do for You...

Sweet flaming pants of infinity (acid wash jeans, actually) that was awesome! I'm looking forward to the rest of week 7.

Erik Heyl (Beta Tester and Current Member)

Is This Course Right For You?

Your course is not for everybody, you can use this section to pre-select the customers that will get the best results.

Who is Blog Optimized for

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    Anyone who wants to create a digital marketing blog based business
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    Serious entrepreneurs, bloggers, consultants, and digital product owners
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    Beginners looking for an A-Z Blog Based Business solution
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    Anyone who wants to put their monthly profits on autopilot and be able to market their business 80% of the time and create content 20% of the time.

Who is blog Optimized not for

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    Anyone looking for a "Get Rich Quick" scheme
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    Anyone who is unemployed or cannot afford the costs of this course - don't go in debt to start online please!
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    Anyone who does not want to work to achieve success
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    Anyone who has a hard time with online tech or writing articles of any kind
Complete Your Blog-Based Business in the Next 60 Days!

I've done my best to make this the simplest way to build a long term blog based business online and I'm backing that up with my 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee.  You now have the security you need to know you can go through a complete your site and get everything setup before you have to make a decision if this course is for you.  And if you decide it isn't, we will refund your purchase instantly!

Mike Johnson


And to Make Sure You’re Supported Every Step Of The Way, You’ll Also Get Access to the Bonuses Below!

We only succeed when you succeed.  That's why when you get Blog Optimized, you also get to have us in your back pocket to provide all the help you need the entire way through each and every week and beyond!

Access to the Blog Optimized Private Facebook Group

Get Unlimited Access to ask Unlimited Questions.  Interact with other Blog Optimized Students, and get the Support you need before, during, and after you complete the course!

(*A $997/ Year Value)


Office Hours = Monthly Conference Calls

If we have questions which take more than a post in the Private Facebook Group will answer, we host Monthly Office Hours to you can get the additional training you need to make your Blog Optimized experience 100% Successful!

(*A $47/ Month Value)


Free Bonus Courses

Beginner?  Need more help?  No worries.  We've added multiple Bonus courses which will teach you Wordpress, cPanel Hosting, and More! 

(*A $97 Value)

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Are Your Ready to Put Your Monthly Profits on Autopilot?

Don't wait another minute.  This opportunity is exactly what you need to succeed online with your own Optimized Blog-Based Business today.  Stop trying to figure this "blog" thing out and get started the right way!

Over a $2497 Value in all!!

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